Fightback cognition -The archangels that exist in our life are our grandparents, telling genetics of our CTSB. It is crucial, to become an advocate and/or medically license foundations for success in alzheimers. As early onset alzheimers is growing by 103% since 2017, and now since Covid-2019-20 it is crucial to treat, to protect our loved ones and future generations. Study the knowledge we love with information we will not lose. Fightback.

Fightback®️ Holistic Health analysis and Cognition response
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Archangels are Real and want to speak to you....

with countless accurate predictions and chilling connections to your passed love ones- Angels Directed go above and beyond to advise you on your mission for God.

If you feel you are losing faith..


Thank you so much, The reading was awesome and the best I've Had yet! I want to tell anyone who is Side-Eying about this woman, SHES LEGIT! ...Book a Reading!


How many predictions have came to pass that she warned me about... she said my ex of 6 years will reach out to me, we have not spoken in a year- I said he does not have my number, I changed it and she said DO NOT WORRY- he will contact you thru someone else this fall.. all of a sudden my brother gets a message on social media from my ex... my mind is constantly blown. I love her and she is a real trusted advisor, and becomes your bestfriend. Once Dawn becomes your advisor, their is no reason to turn to anyone else... she does not stop until you are satisfied. she is an absolute gem!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the reading you gave me. You have everything so spot on and I knew I could come to you because you seemed just so genuine and honest. Im still in tears of joy and shock from the amount of stuff you had accurate.  You are 100% legit and to all the people who don't believe, well then they are mistaken. Love you Queen!