Fightback®️ Holistic Health analysis and Cognition response

Fightback®️ Holistic Health analysis and Cognition response

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I provide licensing  with Fightback®️ Cognition, which is a holistic proficient elixirs specific for bloodtype, movement and underlying diagnosis, which contains raw earth maritime minerals to perform a research specific treatment to CTSB gene coding  following a specific diagnosis, which is heightened now by infectious disease. 

This analysis comes with a telehealth appointment with a board MD in your country( USA only ),  bloodwork, discovery , and follows a research lab, to drive into an authorized specific need for the patient. Insurance should be covered. 

As a holistic health practitioner, I take my vital information guided spiritually and education of international holistic practitioners with training of 50-60 years- as an understudy, information and license off raw ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry. 


If you are a pharmaceutical representative and/or Medical Lab, Please email for an interview- in the subject line please put:

“ Re: RVLANQ10. License / Terms “


Thank you.