Archangels Fightback®️ Crime Investigation Remote View

Archangels Fightback®️ Crime Investigation Remote View

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Singular archangels, for each predicament-  Everytime! With the prayer you need!

injustice, is not allowed, With this Fightback®️Crime Investigation Remote View, we shall see where , when how and what happens now.


Dawn is a remote viewer trained  from the guided state agent  Morehouse, in her discovery of establishing Remoteviewing skills. 
Being a certified NMD, she does not just feel the weakness of the body, but the organs, the psychology and the suppression for each victim to be victorious.

From missing persons too Hostile murder, or Hit and runs, Etc. 
Allow dawn to call on an archangel sitting right next to her, to help you- fightback®️! 


to win a courtcase is hard, having a real legitimate bloodline archangel master who can guide you.... with a team. that puts you in the right direction....